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Kolam Karet Canopy Island Floaties Lounge Superdeluxe1.99m intex 58292

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Rp. 2,300,000

Jumlah Stok : 36 Unit
Terjual : 0 Unit
Kondisi : Baru
Berat : 11000 Gram
Pesanan Minimal : 1 pcs
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Whether socializing with friends or laying out at the pool, the Intex Canopy Island is perfect for relaxing in luxury while enjoying the water. The island has a detachable fabric sun shade that provides just the right amount of shade from the heat on hot summer days allowing you to unwind in comfort. Two air chambers are added for extra safety and two built-in cup holders are included for you to keep a beverage nearby.

- Repair patch
- Size : 1,99m x 1,50m
-Detachable fabric sun shade
-Two air chambers are added for extra safety
-Two built-in cup holders
-Comfortable back rest
-Durable 18 gauge vinyl
-Large backrests for added comfort
-All-around grab rope makes floating next to the tube effortless
-Extra-wide boston valves fit larger pump nozzles for faster inflation
-Removable valves lets air escape quickly for easy deflation

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